Andy Levin for Congress!

While we are firm believers that we do not endorse and political cause, or point of view in class, and while we are committed that Living Tradition Yoga be a welcoming space for all, regardless of political views, racial background, ethnic identity, gender, and political and religious affiliation, we feel we must share this news: Andy Levin, a long-time student at Living Tradition Yoga, is running to represent Michigan’s 9th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives! We are very excited for this news and wish to support Andy on his road to victory in this election. Therefore, we are sharing this email, in which Andy shares his vision, his passion, and his commitment to service. Thank you for taking this bold step, Andy! The Living Tradition Yoga community is behind you 100%!

Dear Chris,

The end of 2017 is a turning point in my life.  When Donald Trump won the Electoral College and was declared our next president in November 2016, I decided I needed to return to public service.

And what has happened over the past year has confirmed that feeling…

  • The bigotry spewing from the very top
  • The stolen Supreme Court seat and so many extremely conservative federal judges appointed for life
  • Turning our backs on DREAMers and refugees
  • Tilting energy policy backwards towards coal and oil and away from a sustainable future
  • Turning the Environmental Protection Agency into the Environmental Pillage Agency
  • Having a self-proclaimed sexual assaulter sitting in the White House even as so many women bravely come forward to turn a corner on sexual harassment and assault

And last but not least, passage of a tax bill that will give the vast majority of benefits to the very wealthiest Americans, despite the fact that they have received virtually all the benefits of economic growth for the last 40 years. Even before this tax bill, the top 1 percent of Americans already control almost twice as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent.


Here’s my New Year’s resolution.  I’m running for Congress in Michigan’s 9th District and I’m going to devote my life to playing whatever part I can in utterly transforming American politics.

>>> Are you with me? Contribute to the effort! <<<

We need to focus on economic justice for all.  America needs to lead the transition to a sustainable economy, not drag it down. 

We need good jobs for everyone, not low unemployment based on people running around working multiple jobs for poverty wages.  Working people need bargaining power and a voice in our nation’s affairs.

Our life expectancy is near the bottom of advanced nations, despite the fact that we spend two or even three times as much on health care.  Enough!  We need universal health care with lower costs and better outcomes. 

Rather than building walls, banning Muslims, and belittling people who may be different than us, let us proclaim as a matter of basic morality that we will protect and respect the human rights of all people, regardless of religion, race, gender, orientation, identity or other differences.  In fact, let us celebrate our differences as the very source of wonder and beauty in the world.

This is very personal for me, so I want to ask you, personally, to help launch this new phase in my life.  A big part of the change I want to help bring involves changing how our political system operates.  We need to change how we finance campaigns and get the dark money out of politics. 

One big way to do that is for regular people – all of us! – to donate to candidates who can help drive the change we need.  I want to ask everyone who shares my vision and believes in me to contribute to my campaign.  Right now.  We need to show as big a groundswell as possible before midnight on New Year’s Eve, which is our first reporting period for contributions.

>>> Please visit our donate page now and contribute any amount you can! <<<

I will never forget this moment.  I am so grateful for your support.

In solidarity,




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